Become a Certified Facilitator in self-paced course

with Thyroid Yoga® Founder, Fern Olivia and Advanced Mentor Franca Garamani

Thyroid Yoga® Facilitator Training

Self-Paced Training Immersion is open for enrollment today!

Learn to facilitate Thyroid Yoga® classes and experiences sharing your own healing wisdom and unique gifts and support the life of your clients and community using the power of Kundalini Yoga, breathwork, energy healing techniques, integrative nutrition and holistic lifestyle ritual.

....over 50 hours of online content

INCLUDES 6 PRE-RECORDED GROUP SESSIONS (2 hours each, total of 12 hours)

Bonus lectures (including Ayurveda, Functional Nutrition, Anatomy, and more!)

Plus 4 individual 1:1 mentorship sessions included!

This is a self-paced course that can be completed in up to 4 months to receive certification.

All students meeting graduation requirements at the conclusion of the course will be provided a Thyroid Yoga® Facilitator Teaching Certificate.

This is also an excellent refresher opportunity for those who have already completed a past group or personal training with Fern Olivia

All Materials are recorded and yours to cherish for life!


You have gifts.

The world needs you to show up and speak up, especially now.

For these powerful reasons, we are offering the Thyroid Yoga® Facilitator Training virtually as a comprehensive self-paced immersive course for leaders seeking to live a life of purpose and service. 

Discover how to heal from the inside out so that you can finally experience a crystal clear mind, deep inner ease, and certainty about how to sustain a healthy body for good - and learn how to share these practices with the world, with self-assured confidence and grace.


Let your service be your voice, this is your gift and your purpose.

Designed for holistic practitioners, yoga teachers, therapists, coaches to deepen into their healing wisdom and lead Thyroid Yoga® classes and experiences.

The benefits of this unique immersion go far beyond “another certification.”

After completion of this training, participants have come away equipped with the tools and resources to confidently provide value-added offerings and resources for their clients and students, and have a deep and broad understanding of how the thyroid is supported using ancient healing wisdom combined with integrative and holistic therapies.

Our signature training features a diverse curriculum of lineages to give you an in-depth look at your entire thyroid, glandular and nervous system health. Additionally, you will learn how these modalities can be applied to understand the energetic body and release deep-seated patterns of fear, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs so you can liberate yourself and those who may come to you for healing work.

"Leading my first Thyroid Yoga® teacher training in 2015 in Los Angeles changed me, forever." - Fern Olivia

In the first Thyroid Yoga® training I led in 2015, 8 women attended the 20-hour training live in LA and over 40 attended virtually on Zoom from all over the world from Berlin to Mexico… 

  • Practicing Kundalini Yoga sequences
  • Dancing, shaking and feeling joy together
  • Breathing and chanting sacred mantra
  • Meditating for deep healing
  • Sharing ancient wisdom for soul healing
  • Feeling connected, safe and understood

I will never forget that special weekend. I felt on top of the world seeing women empowering themselves to become their own inner medicine woman instead of crumbling under the mercy of a diagnosis.

"I desire to wake up every day of my life sharing this work!"

This was true fulfillment of my soul’s mission. I believe that we all can feel this joy and passion where we live our dharma, our purpose, and receive blessings and abundance in beautiful ways when we share from our hearts with vulnerability and compassion.

This is why I created the Thyroid Yoga® Facilitator Training.

This is unlike any other experience or teacher training, and if you have a thyroid imbalance or are seeking to understand how to balance your hormones and live a life of freedom and sustained well-being, and serve others in a beautiful way, this is precisely why I created this extraordinary opportunity.

When I embraced the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, breathwork, integrative nutrition and holistic therapies, I was able to heal from years of hormone imbalance, lack of confidence, yo-yo dieting, anxiety and adrenal fatigue.

These teachings gifted me with a path and abundance that has given me purpose and light. 

And when I think back to the hundreds of classes, retreats, events and teacher trainings around the world I have guided ever since, from Australia to Portugal to Mallorca to Costa Rica… I am blown away!

This is what I desire for all women who embark on this journey with me. 

I believe we are all ready to uplift each other and do this powerful healing work.

NOW is a pressing time for us to learn about ourselves and be of service during this precious existence that we have. Only we can do it for ourselves- no one can share the gifts we were born to share.

The Thyroid Yoga® Facilitator Training is a sacred space where you are given a beautiful opportunity to feel heard, seen, and embraced while learning how to lead in a graceful, confident, and creative way that feels natural for you. And if teaching and leading events online or in person is something you desire to do, you will be fully supported in this path and you will learn the tools to do so during our time together. This is my passion to share with you.

Because when a woman is confident and giving from a soul-led place, prosperity and abundance is a natural flowing gift.

Are you ready for deep healing and receiving the blessings that flow in to your life as we journey together?

I am ready to receive you and be your cheerleader.

With Gratitude and Love,

This is your space to heal and refine your special gifts


Here’s how you transition from unsure of your healing gifts to feeling fully supported in this program & lead women to become their own medicine women, too


This one-of-a-kind online self-paced course includes bonus lectures from our guest experts in Ayurveda, Functional Nutrition, Anatomy, and Circadian Biology.

In addition to the 6 two-hour pre-recorded group calls, you will also receive 8 BONUS self-study yoga sequence classes you can practice and guide your students and community. 


The Sadhana is the foundation of your healing. Together we will design a personal sequence (kriya) and meditation for your own personal growth and this will be the kriya you practice teach to the group as part of the certification process.


Receive intimate support and guidance from Fern Olivia and learn how to lead Thyroid Yoga® classes, using her generous wisdom from over 12 years of study and experience in leading classes, teacher trainings and retreats for women’s empowerment and healing.


You will receive pairing with Franca Garimani, an experienced mentor trained by Fern Olivia for a total of 4 mentorship sessions during the course within a 4-month period, to be scheduled together. In these intimate one-on-one personal sessions you receive the chance to practice leading your own Thyroid Yoga® classes.


Every week, you will learn the foundational teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Qi Gong Energy Clearing, Mantra, Meditation and Breath. We will dive deep into the technology of Pranayams, Kriyas and meditations for transformation. You will feel confident to share these with your experiences and classes.

All Materials are recorded and yours to cherish for life!

There is more, love.

You’ll also receive exclusive access to these bonus gifts…


8 NEW Exclusive Thyroid Yoga® class videos including a special Moon Salutation tutorial and original Thyroid Yoga® sequences created by Fern Olivia


Additional Guest Teachers and Thyroid Experts including past graduates thriving in their careers, offering their wisdom and practices.


Invitation to our Thyroid Yoga® Facilitator private portal. Join our collective mission to support the healing of more leaders and step into greater alignment mind-body-soul and receive ongoing resources, content and inspiration with Lifetime Access.


"Since completing my training with you, I have been busy sharing my story with my students and fellow faculty and singing your praises - you are an inspired spirit! So excited to use my certification to help spread the Thyroid Yoga word. I feel blessed to be able to provide others with the tools and support to confidently increase health and wellness of their thyroid in a holistic way.

And - my doctors were so surprised when I went in to have my blood levels checked and my thyroid levels were fine - and even more surprised I never went on medication! Thyroid Yoga saved me!"





A 6-week online intimate experience to learn the ancient arts of self-healing through the pillar teachings of Kundalini yoga and holistic therapies — and inspire your students and clients to understand the root causes of symptoms and clear dis-ease from an energetic, physical and soul healing.

The remarkable journey begins when you join our community

Receive the comprehensive knowledge you need to guide classes, events and experiences of your own.

We need more of these healing programs around the world more than ever, which means we need more facilitators to support our collective ascension and healing! Using the practices you will learn here and in your comprehensive Thyroid Yoga® 2021 Training Manual created by Fern Olivia, you will have the play-by-play resources and scripts to support you as you confidently lead your own healing sessions using your very own unique gifts and healing story. This training will provide you with the confidence to articulate your message and attract clients and community who come to you for your voice and embodiment of the practices.

Understand your specific symptoms and what your body has been trying to communicate to you through these persistent signs.

Together, we will be diving into the main mystery symptoms many women have and what this means for our healing on a personal and collective scale. You will learn specific practices to become your own Inner Medicine Woman to clear up chronic symptoms and those that may appear throughout your life. 

Learn how to design sacred rituals and ceremonies to ease dis-ease, inflammation, anxiety, and emotional as well as physical tension.

When you have a specific Medicine Bag of tools to access your healing power, you can wake up feeling radiant, consistently. And when you wake up feeling an imbalance, you’ll know precisely how to bounce back into alignment with ease and grace.

Step into your life purpose with confidence and self-worthiness.

Through our time together, you’ll step into fluidity, ease and you will naturally communicate with warrior grace and strength in your roles as a teacher, guide, therapist, partner, mother, daughter, and entrepreneur.

Remember the Medicine Woman you have been born to be - SHE who you have been in many lifetimes before - and the one who passionately serves from a place of generosity, compassion, and authenticity.

This is your invitation to unite in a massive movement together with our global Thyroid Yoga® community, as we guide more women and step into greater alignment.


These are the exciting destinations in our 6-week journey together




The Art of the Invocation
Learn how to precisely articulate the mantras for alignment and protection to start your personal practice. Confidently chant these opening mantras in a guided class or personal session.

Elements of Thyroid Yoga® Sequencing
Experience how to artfully sequence a class or personal session using Kundalini Asana (Movement), Essential Oils, Breathwork and Mantra and receive your personal 40-day practice


Elements of Thyroid Yoga® Sequencing Part II
Qi Gong Energy Clearing Practices and experience how Tribal Dance is an elemental part of the Thyroid Yoga® signature classes for healing and energy release.






Elements of Thyroid Yoga® Sequencing Part III

Learn specific mantras, indigenous medicine songs, meditations and understand the art of choosing which mantra and meditations are right for your specific client or classes. Receive initiation into ancient techniques to swiftly move past your blocks and open your voice with confidence and liberated self-expression!

Enhance your communication and relationships through understanding these powerful techniques while clearing lifelong blockages in the throat chakra.


Inner Child Healing and Ancestral Healing

In order to receive deep healing, we must understand and love our shadows and our wounds, dig them up and heal them so we can remember the innocence and loving peace we once knew as a child. Explore how to visit those dark zones within you and heal that child that only wants to be heard, held, seen, and understood with unconditional love. 






Womb Healing

Experience ancient womb healing meditations and rituals to clear blockages in your root and sacral chakra and how this relates to thyroid health.


The business of Thyroid Yoga®

Learn how to create your own brand using your personal story and unique voice to serve the collective. Craft your own sustainable venture in teaching and offering Thyroid Yoga® experiences. Feel confident in sharing the wisdom of ancient technology you have studied to heal your body and empower others to do the same. Receive the tools to lead experiences, online and live classes, personal sessions and form conscious brand and media partnerships. 

Discover your own special way to lead and host women through yogic lifestyle rituals and their own healing transformation with ease and grace.



Step into support—the kind you have been waiting for and desire to provide for all women who are seeking this special healing work.


When you declare a heart-filled "Yes", this is what you shall receive:

Here’s an easy recap of *everything* you shall receive when you enroll in this training…

    The full 6-week Online Thyroid Yoga® Facilitator Training (pre-recorded from our last live group experience) and Lifetime Access to the Facilitator Portal
    Three personal mentorship sessions and the opportunity to converse on video with your experienced mentor trained by Fern Olivia, founder of Thyroid Yoga® - Ask her anything for your personal healing or anything you desire to know about leading experiences.
    To all seminar recordings and resources available for your download and replay anytime, anywhere.
    Plus, a medicine bag of handy meditation, kriya and mantra to use when you need it most.
  • BONUS 1
    8 New Original Thyroid Yoga® Videos created by Fern Olivia specifically for the Thyroid Yoga® Facilitator Training
  • BONUS 2
    Additional Guest Teachers and Thyroid Experts to be revealed
  • BONUS 3
    Invitation to Receive Lifetime Access to the Facilitator Portal. Join our collective mission to support the healing of more women and step into our purpose. Together, we rise!

60 Hour Thyroid Yoga® Facilitator Training


3 Easy Monthly payments of $650

Payments start the day you register


1 Easy Payment of $1440

Savings of $510! 

Here is what trusted visionaries have to say about Fern Olivia...

“Fern is an incredible teacher. She is warm, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. She combines ancient wisdom of yogic and Ayurvedic practices with functional techniques to help restore and realign the energetic and biochemical mechanisms that influence thyroid functioning.

I highly recommend working with her if you would like to resolve your dependency on survival mode and embody beautiful harmony in your body again. Thyroid Yoga® is a must for anyone who no longer wants to be held hostage by energy depletion and lethargy.”


“I knew this was something I was supposed to do. My intuition has been telling and showing me the rest!

It’s really special and wowing how you connected all these different people/healers, and that they were ALL really empowering and knowledgeable. Its quite impressive to put together a program like this where everything just flowed really easily and we each left every day feeling powerful and inspired.”


“I enrolled because I believed you were the real thing and had healing to offer - and Fern, you changed me. I will never be the same.

Thank you from my soul for creating Thyroid Yoga® and having the vision to heal yourself. And thank you for being a bad ass and putting it out there in a way we can all benefit!”


“You are truly a delight to work with, always feeling so inspired by your energy to uplift the planet, and the devotion to the work you do. I loved hearing you talk about your own journey to find Creative Courage, and the ways that you continue to tap into the source of creative power and inspiration within.  I felt so inspired after our conversation, and simply felt the depth of devotion you have. My biggest takeaways from you, that I am super excited to share about is our responsibility to express our truth, for our health, wellbeing, and ultimately for the betterment of the planet; also the power of collaboration and community in the Aquarian Age: why we should create more partnerships and play the comparison game less. You are an inspiration in my life, thank you.”


“Fern is a gifted teacher who holds a very special place in my heart. Her Thyroid Yoga® work yields a profound, cellular-level shift in her clients. 

Her intuitive wisdom helps her students heal themselves through movement, breathwork, and spiritual practice. Her work elevates, guides, and invites deep healing."


“I found this training by searching late at night while I was suffering with symptoms. I wondered if there was any yoga designed specifically for thyroid conditions and Fern’s website popped up. I later found out about the teacher training and scraped together every last penny I owned to pay for it. I knew this was my calling and even though it hasn’t always been easy, I truly believe that I can use this to help others.

Finally instead of saying “why me,” my intention for this training was to use my illness as an asset to try to bring positivity into my life and this world.

Fern, you are amazing. Not only did you bring together all of these great minds but you also taught very compelling segments. Fern, you have such a peaceful presence and positive energy that keep me replaying the modules. If I am ever having a bad day I go back to Module 1 and listen to “Ik Ardas Wahe Guru” with everyone chanting together.

Bless you for putting this together Fern.”


“Fern provided the attention and care that I needed in order to step into my new role as a Thyroid Yoga® Practitioner.

This training has brought my joy back, physical balance, and renewed sense of purpose - a thousand hugs to Fern is not enough to thank her for creating this training. I look forward to working with others to improve their Thyroid health and reclaim their radiance!”


"Your course is nurturing to my body and soul. Thank you for your work in the world! It feels so potent and transformational and, for me right now, it is much needed."


Fern is magic! I have worked with Fern for the past half decade and it has been a journey into personal freedom. As a Master Healer, taking time for self-healing practices is essential to my rejuvenation rituals. Working with Fern brought my focus and consciousness to a different physical and spiritual place, that which I had not been before. My sessions with her allowed for my mind, spirit and body to heal. Her angelic voice and healing hands, coupled with the wealth of knowledge she has to share, undoubtedly signifies to me a true Master Healer and Expert. But what truly stands out in Fern is her innate kindness and passion to give - to give fully from her heart. 

When we first began working together, I realized Fern was an open book. Her focused intention of using her personal narrative of illness - (living with hypothyroidism for over 10 years,) was indeed the catalyst for her to create a dynamic healing program that focused on thyroid health. She is the gal to go to on this and I know she will continue to make a valuable contribution to the health and wellness of others through her one-on-one Health coaching and  Thyroid Yoga® program. "


“This training has given me extra tools, insights and daily rituals to incorporate into my own life and practice that I can teach to others as well.

I love your vibe and radiance, really enjoyed the yoga and chanting sessions with you, and the oils are divine! Thank you very much for putting this all together and for shining your light - so that we can shine ours more brightly too!”


“I am getting stronger and healthier each and every day. as I building better quality routines and practice what I learned thanks to the Thyroid Yoga® training.

Fern, thank you for putting together so many knowledgeable people who understand healing of the entire being.

Your heart is gold.”


“Thank you Fern, your love and energy was totally felt even virtually.

I signed up before I officially became diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis so this was the perfect opportunity to heal myself and become more comfortable in my body, to increase self love. I also signed up to learn how to speak my truth and strengthen my third chakra since that’s been an issue for me.

I so appreciate what you’re doing. I love your honesty and relatable style. Your business talk was very helpful!”



Fern Olivia is an internationally recognized teacher and speaker passionate about the power of integrative medicine, yoga, and holistic lifestyle practices, acclaimed for her best-selling course on MindBodyGreen and Thyroid Yoga® Facilitator Trainings. Combining her education in Biomedical Engineering with her studies in yoga, integrative nutrition, and energy medicine, Fern Olivia has created a unique approach to supporting thyroid health that has changed the lives of thousands of women and men around the world.

Fern Olivia currently resides in Costa Rica, where she guides retreats, detoxification and cleanse experiences, trainings and serves the local community and visitors in unique body-mind-soul purification programs as Kundalini Yoga Director at Thea Lifechanging Retreats, a luxury boutique longevity center located in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.


We've got A's for your Q's

What is Thyroid Yoga®?

Thyroid Yoga® artfully infuses wisdom from western and eastern medical perspectives to create a total healing approach, founded in 2013 by thyroid expert and master teacher, Fern Olivia.

Trained in Biomedical Engineering, now a renowned master teacher and speaker on the power of integrative medicine and intuitive self-healing, Fern Olivia has guided retreats, experiences and classes worldwide.

 Thyroid Yoga® has been endorsed by leading medical doctors and practitioners of functional medicine as a proven way to help restore and realign the energetic and biochemical mechanisms that influence thyroid functioning.

Thyroid Yoga® is a unique method designed to empower those with thyroid imbalances to say goodbye to survival mode and embody their most liberated self. The method blends Integrative Nutrition, Kundalini Yoga, Energy Healing therapies, breathwork, meditation, essential oils, and holistic self-care to provide specialized one-on-one coaching, teacher trainings and retreats to empower those who feel like they are at the mercy of prescription medicine. Fern Olivia has empowered a massive movement of using conscious self-expression and intuitive wisdom to heal physical and emotional blockages, ultimately bringing forth a state of hormonal balance and sustained well-being.

Who is Fern Olivia?

Fern Olivia, a former Finance professional and Biomedical Engineer, is now an internationally recognized teacher, certified psychic healer, reiki practitioner, speaker and influencer on the power of integrative medicine, yoga, and holistic lifestyle practices. In addition to teaching, retreats, events, and speaking on the topics of holistic health and self-expression, she trains wellness leaders and practitioners in her Thyroid Yoga® training, now available internationally, and offered as personal mentorships and retreats. Fern Olivia’s method also integrates Sound Therapy and Intuitive Healing to release deep trauma and emotional wounds that have manifested into dis-ease in the physical body. Fern Olivia is also the founder of Ajai Alchemy, an all organic essential oil fragrance brand specifically formulated with synergistic hormone balancing and aphrodisiac benefits. Through her authentic storytelling, media platforms, and brand partnerships, Fern Olivia has inspired a mass movement of conscious self-expression and holistic health. Connect with her on instagram @fernolivia and Facebook for inspiration and resources.

Do I need to be a Yoga Instructor (200-hour certified) to take the Thyroid Yoga® Practitioner Training?

No! Many of our Thyroid Yoga® graduates are certified yoga instructors, however this is not required. Many of our graduates are also graduates of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition or are certified in another healing or movement modality. A 200-hour certification is recommended for teaching classes in a studio, though not required for the Thyroid Yoga® practitioner training and certification. We recommend all practitioners look into yoga teacher insurance for working with clients, studios, and other instruction.

What are the graduation requirements?

Three live personal consultation and Q&A sessions with your mentor are required by the conclusion of the course on six weeks from enrollment, and will be scheduled with you together at a time that is aligned with you both. Your *final exam* is a practice teaching assignment to teach a live (and recorded) class for your friends and family. This is an opportunity for you SHINE and teach YOUR personal sadhana and add in your unique voice and style, along with any elements that have served you on your journey. This class is to be scheduled in your own timing and sent via Google Drive or Dropbox to your mentor.

In summary, the certification requirements are:

  • Three consultation and Q&A sessions with your mentor
  • Weekly practice teaching exercises 
  • Final practice teaching sadhana due at the completion of the 6 weeks

What is your cancellation policy?

With respect for the integrity of the work and the intimate container offered with Fern Olivia, no refunds or credits will be granted for failure to attend or complete the program or session for any reason.

What’s the format of the Thyroid Yoga® Facilitator Training?

While this will be a very in-depth experience, we desire for this to be very accessible and manageable as we know life is busy. Our goal is to give you all the tools you need without overwhelm or pressure. You may study and review the content and resources at your leisure. You may choose to join our live classes, or watch the recordings later at your time and pace. Lifetime access to your course materials means you can learn at your own pace, and return to replay your favorite classes as desired.

Must I be tech-savvy to join? 

This is primarily an online training, so you will need a computer and reliable access to the internet. No in-depth tech understanding is required to complete the course and you can access the weekly calls via phone, iPad or computer. Our online training portal is intuitive and user-friendly. If you can’t figure out how something works or can’t find a resource mentioned on a call, we’re here for you and can assist you promptly.

What makes you qualified to teach this?

I walk my walk, and talk my talk. Since 2015, I have led over 10 group trainings and even more 1:1 trainings and online mentorships, offering Thyroid Yoga® certifications to over 100 healing visionaries around the world. Throughout this time, I have been on the path to my own healing and understanding how to love my body and learn from her. I am so proud of what I have accomplished, as a yoga and meditation instructor since 2011, I have been teaching internationally in world famous yoga and spirituality venues along leaders including Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson. I have been so grateful to share the wisdom of the practices I have studied, including Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Rebirthing Breathwork, Akashic Records Channeling, and of course, Thyroid Yoga® Facilitator Trainings in Mallorca - Spain, Bondi - Australia, Lisbon - Portugal, and of course around Costa Rica and The United States. 

These certifications and experiences have been beautiful, though what truly matters here are the remarkable live-changing transformations the women who have completed the Thyroid Yoga® Facilitator Training.

How much work will be required? 

Besides showing up for yourself, and being present on the calls with your mentor, you have everything with you to learn this wisdom. The online content and bonus materials are yours to review at your own pace during and after the course period. To receive the certification at the end of the 6-week training, you will be required to teach a live session which you will record, where you will invite the group and your community online or in person. 

The two hour weekly sessions are recorded with Fern Olivia from the last online group training.

All Materials are recorded and yours to cherish for life

Will I receive a certificate at the end of this training? 

Yes. You will receive a Thyroid Yoga® certification and become a Thyroid Yoga® Facilitator when you have completed all the work and requirements. Our prayer is that after the completion of this training, you will continue to marinate in your personal practice and continue to share the wisdom learned throughout your journey as you uncover more of your intuitive gifts and inspire all those around you to discover their medicine, too.

Will this training be offered again? 

No, this is the final online Thyroid Yoga training offered by Fern Olivia.

We are always excited to offer future opportunities for sharing wisdom and supporting your growth in person in Costa Rica. 

Is there a payment plan? 

Yes, we offer a payment plan of 3 monthly payments of $650!

If not now, then when?

If you are reading this far, beloved, you are ready. Listen to this voice inside that is encouraging you to receive this support and wisdom now. This investment will create magnificent abundance in your life as you step into your role of providing healing services and inspiration to a world who is so desperately in need of the medicine you will offer through your voice and loving encouragement. Yes, you are ready and you are supported! 

Do you offer refunds?

Because of the time and energy Fern Olivia is investing in each of the students in this intimate group, no refunds are offered. Please review our purchase terms at


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